Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do you love to ride bikes? Do you love to throw down some watts on the road, shred some gnar in the woods or rip through muddy off-camber descents on the cyclocross field?  We do too! We are Team Colavita/Parisi and we are looking for a few good men and women to join us for the 2016 season.
     TCPC-KC is a fun loving multifaceted team located in the heart of Kansas City  We sponsor weekly group rides, mtb, road, and cyclocross races as well as seasonal training rides and races.  Do you like riding with friends, dream of having team mates to work with at every race, crave like mindedness with other crazies who share your passion for 2 wheeled adventure and adult beverages?  Stop reading and contact us today.
     A little bit about us:

Award winning team- TCPC has won the Kansas best all around cx team award the past 5 years running.  We also won the best all around road team last year as well.  Many of our members, both men and women, also won their respective individual categories.

Diversity- We have riders in almost every category and discipline out there.  If you love to race, you will always have team mates (and hecklers) to make it more fun.

Great sponsors- We have incredibly cool local sponsors.  Parisi coffee, Colavita pastas and oils, Potpie restaurant, and many others.  Also the support and expertise of Volker bicycles, the coolest bike shop with the best mechanics around.

Local mtb trail opportunities- You know Brett Shoffner, the cool cat who builds and maintains all the local trails in the heart of the metro (Kessler, Rozarks, Roanoke,  . . ) Well, he's on our team.  'Nuff said.

Support- You know Britton Kusiak, owner of Volker bicycles?  Zach Wright, super mechanic who works at Volker?  Well, they're on our team.  'Nuff said.  Buy equipment and have your stuff worked on by guys who know their stuff because they race EVERY bike discipline there is.

We're kind of awesome- Look, we aren't pretentious.  You don't have to sign up for weird commitments or go through an interview process.  You like to ride, race and have fun on bikes?  Drop us a line or stop in at Volker bicycles and talk to Britton Kusiak.  We have a lot of amazingness planned for 2016 and would love to have you be a part of it.