Thursday, November 19, 2015


Team Colavita Parisi Coffee really took off on the Kansas Best CX series this year.

Zach Wright- Best Bike Mechanic in KC

We showed up in force and saw a lot of black and green over barriers and on the podiums in races around KC.

Individual winners included Britton Kusiak...1/2 Men, Erin Shaffer Cat4 women, Andrew Strempke for Single Speed and Katie Strempke for 1/2/3 Women

Colavita Cup on Halloween was a blast.  Raytown BMX was cool too.

A lot of TCPC racers helped with points for the KBCXT series...Zach Chan, Ivan Cabezas, Jeret Kusiak, Adam Keck, PotPie, Yams, etc. If we forgot to mention you it is because we have been celebrating our KBCXT win too hard.

Nate G. broke his arm in half playing soccer for PotPie FC so Ivan "reverse-heckled' him good.

Thanks and Cheers to our sponsors!

And remember...

PotPie landed this.