Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Perry Dam, NWA Spring Classic, Spring Fling, Bazaar Road Race, oh my!


Greetings TCPC fanatics!

It's been a while since our last update and honestly i cant even remember everything that's happened since then, but there was definitely bike racing! The results have been piling up, here are some of the highlights

Kenny Englert takes 4th in cat 4's at the final Perry Dam race of the year!

Here's the recap strait from the Horses mouth, or Kenny's mouth:

The first few laps of the seven(?) we did were without much action, just people chilling in the field. It stayed mostly together, and everyone looked comfortable. Then came the King of the Mountains lap. People wanted the points, and people were getting antsy up front. Still together once we got to the bottom of the hill, a few attempted attacks throughout the five mile lap that ended up failing. Then, the Collegiate guy who won the Cat 4 Spring Fling the day before (who nearly lapped the field, and for the record, plans to be a Cat 2 by the end of the season) attacked on the hill. I followed with about 3 other guys following me. We got a nice gap on the field by the top of the hill, and then made it even bigger going down it. We started rotating like crazy, dropped one of the guys who broke with us originally, and by the end of that lap we couldn't see the field. We kept going, and then the collegiate rider attacked again, on a flat section. I was spinning all over the place with my junior gears, killing myself trying to follow. We all tried to follow, but couldn't. Now it was just myself and two other guys with me, chasing. One of the guys with me, who was from Velotek, was in contention for first overall, and he needed just second place to win. He attempted an attack, but we caught him pretty fast. Still us three guys, chasing the collegiate rider who was minutes in front of us. We did this until the last lap, when the Velotek guy went again, this time for real. He got away. At this point the best I could get was 3rd, just me and another guy pulling each other along. We got to the last hill, and were both really eager to go. I was the first to try a move, but he caught up and ended up flying past me for 3rd. I cruised in for 4th, kinda upset I didn't get podium, but still happy with my best results as a Cat 4 so far this year.

(Matt Ochs and Britton prepare for the open race at Perry Dam)

(Spencer heading up the hill during the cat 3's at Perry Dam)

(Robbie Englert shows Adam Keck and Ty Trammell how to ride the Perry Dam hill)

Kent Woermann heads to Arkansas to do the NWA Spring Classic Road Race

Sorry, no photos for this one, but here is Kent's recap:
The race started fast with some cold dude taking off from the gun. A break of
3 got away about 1/3 of the way through the race but got brought back. At this point I was warmed up. That
break was countered shortly after and ended up staying away until the end.
The wind was the biggest challenge and made finding shelter somewhat
difficult. The final splits happened on a short climb about 5 miles from
the finish. The winning break was up the road still and what was left of
the peleton got split into 3 separate chase groups of 5-8 guys each. I was
in the second chase group going into the final kilometer and the third chase
group was closing in fast. With ~300 meters to go I jumped just as the 3rd
chase was making contact. I had jumped to early and blew up. 3-4 guys
ended up passing me right before the finish. I was frustrated for not
making the break or even the split for the 1st chase group. I had the legs
to do it but my poor positioning at the crucial moments of the race cost me
what could have been a much better finish. More importantly I didn't win
any prize money. The course is one of my favorite road race courses. I
will go back.

The final Spring Fling of the year and Ty Trammell takes 2nd overall in the cat 4 while Charlie Bartel takes 4th overall!

(Charlie leads Ty during the Spring Fling)
(John Sink negotiates the chicanes at Spring Fling)

The Bazaar Road Race

Brian Lingenfel takes 2nd in the men's 4/5 race while Britton Kusiak comes in 4th in the open race!

*Brian also won the cat 5's at the final Perry Dam race.

(Joe Anderson and Jason Kendrick make their way to the start in Bazaar, KS.)
(The open field departs for what will be a very hot and very windy day)
(Britton on his way to 4th place)
(Joe leads the 4/5 pack with Brian and Andy Wiens tucked in near the back.)

(Andy and Brian NOT WEARING THEIR JERSEYS on the 'podium' after the race. Brian's a noob, but come on Andy, you should know better. We'll forgive you guys this time but if it happens again you have to pull for the entire next race you enter.)

Great job everyone, the year is moving along at a good clip and Team Colavita Parisi Coffee is right in the thick of things.

Keep it up!