Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Fling and Dam Race Wins!


Hey Everybody!

The road season is picking up speed and TCPC already has some stellar results, plus a few wins! Not only that, we're easily the best looking team in the peloton. Results are nice, but looks are forever.

Casey Buta won the cat 5 race at the second Perry Dam race and Ty Trammell won the cat 4 race at the second Spring Fling.

Casey rollled up to the start line of the Dam Race, " i felt fairly good" he said "my legs felt a little tight but not real bad." About halfway thru the race, "when i couldnt get a break away group gathered i made my move to catch the one guy who had broken off the front, it took me almost a full lap to catch him and when i did he cramped up so i rode the rest of the race as hard as i could go and just hoped to hold off the group behind me trying to catch up." He ended up doing two laps solo, and holding off the field to cross the line first!

Champagne and podium girls were everywhere.

Ty rode a smart Spring Fling and with the benefit of the points he acquired in the two prime's and at the finish he came out on top for the day. During the sprint for the first prime he noticed a rider drifting into him, "They didn't make contact," Ty said "because I went off in the grass to avoid collision. As soon as I went off and realized I was good, I decided I'm still going for it. So I bunny hopped back up to the road. It was about a 2 inch lip back to the road surface. Then I started grabbing gears, put my head down, and hammered it. I barely caught a guy to get 4th. I payed for it too. My heart rate went up to 198. The highest I've seen all year is 192. It took a couple of laps to recover."

Now that's what I call bike racing!

Great job Guys. And great job to everyone else who came out and raced these past two weekends. It's nice to win races, but having fun (and looking good) is what it's really all about.

Kenny is a new member this year, here he is leading the way during a cat 4 Spring Fling

Charlie sprints to 2nd at Spring Fling. Watch out for this guy.

The crew soaks up the sunshine after a sucessful race.

Andrew and Casey get ready for the cat 5 dam race. Somebody get Casey some tall socks!

Britton in the open race, powering up the hill in Perry. Is that a carrot in his back pocket?

James get's his Michael Jordon on. He's seen fire and he's seen rain, but he's never seen a hill that big in a race.

Joe is back! After a bum knee knocked him out for most of 2010, Joe is eyeing 2011 as his comeback year.

A new member this year, Kent puts the hurt on the open field of the Dam Race.

Another new member, Robbie is so fast the camera cant even focuse on him.

Chris gives the Dam hill his all while Phillip gives him some Colavita Lovin!