Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Training

Greetings TCPC fanatics!

The Road and Mountain bike season fast approaches, that means training is in order.

The team recently had two successful 'mandatory' training rides and the enthusiasm at these rides was palpable, or maybe that was just the salt and grit flinging into my mouth. Anyway, our team is big and so were the training rides. Everybody came out to try and see if they could keep up with Britton. We even managed to look professional and ride in a tight 2 x 2 formation... for a little bit.

Playing bikes is fun!

Volker bicycles at 39th and bell was the meeting place for this ride. Be sure to stop in and check out the store. Britton Kusiak is the owner and he's a strait shooter. He'll treat you right.

Nothing like the sight of an armada of Colavita / Parisi Coffee Jerseys lingering in Midtown. And as you can see, we allow non-team members to participate as well, although they are required to physically push us up every hill. We do this out of the kindness of our hearts, to make them faster. You're welcome.

The peloton heads east thru Midtown. Note the quizzical looks from the folks at the bus stop. Don't mind us. Just a band of bike nuts out for a Sunday stroll.

Sam Weinberg found out the hard way that you cant sprint into the back of someone. We rubbed some dirt on it, he was fine. Another exciting day at the office.

See you at the races!