Monday, February 7, 2011

Team Signing Party at Cellar Rat

Hey Everybody!!!

2011 is off to a great start and once again Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee is leading the way.

This past Saturday was the team signing party at the Cellar Rat wine store. Teammates, new and old, gathered for a fun evening of bike talk and wine drinking. As one of our generous sponsors, Cellar Rat was more than willing to open it's doors (and wine bottles) and allow the team to use its event space for our annual party. Cellar Rat is the bomb. If you're ever in the crossroads neighborhood be sure to stop in at the Cellar Rat wine store, say hi, and buy some wine or cheese. 70% of their wine is under $20!

(Britton and Joe work the crowd into a frenzy, must be the flash Rapha pants Britton has on.)

The signing party also serves as a way to get folks ready for the fast approaching cycling season. TCPC has had two great years but year number three is shaping up to be our best yet.

Several new members have brought fresh enthusiasm to the team and appear to be a perfect fit to our ever expanding band of bicycle nuts.

(Rudy, Levon, Steve, and Kenny take a look at the rider agreements, and yes, were serious when we say you have to grow a euro mullet)

It's a long season and theres always a lot going on, but the three main team goals for TCPC's 2011 season are:

Ride faster than we did last year.
Continue to spread the positive vibes throughout the cycling community.
Have fun!

If everyone works hard to achieve these three goals than the season will be a resounding success.

(Ty works on his 'eye of the tiger' while John and Jake contemplate which races they are going to win this year. Is that Jon P in the background? that dude is everywhere!)

Another exciting development that came from the signing party was the announcement that Team Colavita Parisi Coffee will be participating in the World Bicycle Relief charity. We all know the power of the bicycle, now lets show it to some less fortunate folks. Team member Chris Smith spearheaded the project and we have set a team fund raising goal of $4,020. That equals 30 bicycles that will "provide access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles"

This an excellent way for TCPC to harness it's passion for bicycles and direct it towards a great cause. Most of us just ride for fun, but to a lot of people in the world, receiving a bicycle can be a truly life changing event. Let's do our part to help make the world spin just a little bit easier.

Clink the link below to donate!

(Matt surveys the scene while new member Venasa thinks to herself 'am i really the only female on the team?')

So thats about it. The first races are in a few weeks and before you know it we're all going to be wearing shorts and short sleeves and pouring ice cold water on our heads. Okay, that may not happen so quickly, but it's time to get fast TCPC.

We got racing to do!