Sunday, January 16, 2011

The year in review, 2010

Hey Everybody,

2010 was an amazing year for Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee, or TCPC as i'll call it from this point forward. TCPC started in 2009, but 2010 saw an explosion in new members and enthusiasm. This enthusiasm punctuated the entire year. From the early season training rides, to the humid road races, to the very last cross races... TCPC was there and they made sure to bring the lovin.

So lets take a look at some of the highlights.

Nathan Cuka, Erik Elving and El Presidente himself Dan Oldehoeft compare Lubes at the Volker bike shop. Chain-L?

The early season calls for big miles with big groups. I believe this day's destination was Longview Lake.

The early season was also about mountain bikes and the Bone Bender mountain bike race was one true highlight. The trails at Smithville Lake were fast and frantic plus there was a HUGE turnout, it was an epic day. Here Brett Shoffner takes care of the final preparations. Shoot, he probably built those trails!

Our fearless leader, Britton Kusiak, had a tremendous year. It started with a 3rd place finish at Bone Bender and continued throughout the entire season, road and cross. That's called racing strong all year long!

Matt Ochs reminds us that it's about time for road bikes as he scorches the tuesday night crit in his white Volker Bicycles jersey. Matt shot to the top of the local racing scene in 2010, including winning a few road races along the way! Watch out KC.

Still more mountain bike racing as Jon Peck and Britton prepare for the Robidoux Roundup in St Joe, MO. Jon Peck was everywhere this year, including sandbaggerkc! I'm pretty sure he get's the award for most races. That's called hardcore!

David Neidinger had a great season in 2010, including top 10 in the Cat 3 Missouri State Road Race in Sainte Genevieve, MO. David would take that form and in a few weeks time complete the legendary Dirty Kanza 200 race. That's a tough race!

Sam Wineberg took a narrow 2nd place finish in the cat 4 race at the Missouri State Championships. This was just part of his stellar road season which included a few wins and culminated with Sam being ranked the #1 overall road racer in Kansas! That's fast!

The Tulsa Tough race in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of the biggest road races in the region. Several of TCPC's finest made the trek south to show those Okies how it's done. Check out Britton during Saturday's 1/2 race. Not bad for his first Crit of the year.

Matt gives it everything on cry baby hill. Sunday's race at Tulsa Tough is a total party, everyone should go race it at least once. Is that jug band music i hear?

Group rides are always in abundant supply with TCPC. Look at that great 2 x 2 formation!

The Tour of Kansas City was the next big event on the road Calendar and TCPC came out in big numbers to support the home race. Here Phillip Wilkerson demonstrates one way to stay cool on a hot day.

Michael Ellis at the very end of a tough Cliff Drive stage. Michael had an outstanding road season including two wins! One of which was at his first cat 4 race. by the end of the season he was the #1 ranked Cat 4 Kansas Crit racer! Must be the star tattoo.

Adam Keck goes no hands at the finish of The Tour of KC's Cliff Drive stage. Skilz!

Jake Schell giving Britton a cool down at Cliff Drive.

Tour of KC post race recovery. We take our recovery seriously.

More recovery, Tour of KC After-party at Volker 18.

The Tour of Lawrence is one of the top road races around, here Brett floats up a climb so effortlessly that he decides he only needs one hand. He rode like that for the rest of the race.

DanO gets some Colavita lovin as he lays down the law at the Tour of Lawrence.

Spencer Martin and David lead the cat 3 field during the Tour of Lawrence downtown Crit. I'm sure they both would have gotten 1st place if not for that crash that took out half the field.

Team fashion guru Joseph Anderson and a few other cycling nuts take shelter during a rainy end to the Tour of Lawrence.

Adam Keck demonstrating poor podium etiquette at the KS State Champs mountain bike race in Perry Lake, Kansas. Sorry if i stole your thunder, JP. I was just so excited!

Ty Trammell finds time to joke around during the 6 / 12 hr RIM mountain bike race. A word to the wise, 6 / 12 hr mountain bike races are not to be taken lightly, especially when the humidity is 1,000 percent!!! Hydrate.

What can i say about the Huffy Hustle, perhaps the best team party... ever. Bonus points for racing barefoot.

Once the road bike races were done it was time for Cyclo-cross. And guess what? TCPC put on a Cross race this year! Manions Cross, baby! All who attended would agree, it was a smashing success. Check out Jake and Jon as they demonstrate the proper way to ride out of a barn. Gitty-up!

Jon Sink does his best 'Sound of Music' impersonation as he glides over the Manions hills.

Our tye-dyed president presides over proceedings before the men's elite race at Manions Cross. The entire day was awesome, pat yourselves on the back TCPC, it was your hard work that made it happen! Special props to DanO the tye-dyed president!

Manions was only the beginning of what would turn out to be a spectacular Cross season for TCPC. Check out Jake getting a fast start at Smithville Cross. Jake was present at the sharp end of just about every cross race, and when it was all said and done he was the #1 ranked Kansas Cat 4 Cyclocross racer!

The night time cross race at Topeka's heartland park is not to be missed. Kent Woermann and Britton made sure to leave their mark on the single speed race. By the end of the season Britton would be named the overall winner for both the mens open and single-speed categories for Series 60 cross. Bam!

Check out Casey Buta, pre cross bike. He was always knocking on the door with that Mountain bike but once he got a cross bike he blew the doors clean off. Casey dominated cross in 2010, becoming the Kansas State cat 4 champion and then upgrading to a cat 3 and continuing to win races. At last count he was at 4 wins. And they say it's not about the bike!

What?!? Manions 2!!! That's right, the first one was so great they asked for an Encore. Michael Ellis shows Mr. Stitches whose boss.

Steve Tillford over the barriers at Manions 2. Note the fancy new paint job on our barriers, thats courtesy of TCPC's very own Andrew Lyles.

In late November several members of the Team bundled up and headed north for The Jingle Cross Rock Cyclo-cross race in Iowa City, IA. Jingle Cross is amazing. Who wouldn't love 3 day's of cross craziness? Check out Matt O'neill on day 2 as he demonstrates the proper way to ride thru a stable. Gitty-up!

David does his best putt putt impersonation as he drops down the fly over at Jingle Cross.

The Jinglecross Crew. Fear the beard.

Andy Wiens used his Jinglecross form to power to victory on a fast course at the Kansas State Champs the following week. Andy had an amazing cross season and this win was the cherry on the top! Wait, he shaved the beard.

So that's it. 2010 was quite the year. Now let's go out and make 2011 even better!