Tuesday, April 12, 2011

God's Country Off Road Duathalon



This past Sunday three of Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee's finest made their way to Lawrence Kansas for the God's Country Off Road Duathalon.

Yes, it included running. Yes, TCPC knows how to run. Not necessarily fast, but we can run.

Jon Sink, Jon Peck, and Adam Keck flew the TCPC colors in Lawrence, KS and stamped their authority all over the race. Or at least i'm pretty sure we left some precious bodily fluids behind.

Results here

(The turnout was great, so of course TCPC had to be there.)

(What's this... running shoes at a bike race?)

(Jon Sink puts his former life as a triathlete to good use as he scorches the run. Don't even get me started on his former life as a masked do-gooder)

(Not sure what Adam Keck is doing here, but dang he looks good!)

(Jon Peck, looking for the homemade beer aid station. It didn't exist.)

(Now this is more like it. Mountain bike time!)

(Jon, mountain bike, Volker sox, perfection)

(Jon Peck drops the hammer on the Lawrence River Trails.)

(After crossing the finish line Jon's face shows the effort from a hard day.)

(God's country was a great event and included some great post race food, Bam!)