Friday, December 2, 2016


This one will be short, but sweet. We are super proud that we won the Kansas KBCXT team competition for the 6th year in a row. There is a trophy, housed at Potpie restaurant, one of our great sponsors, that has all of the winners since the trophy has been awarded. Each name plate reads: Team Colavita Parisi Coffee.
We love cyclocross and having a good time. If you are interested in joining the squad...shoot us an email at We don't intend to brag...but we are proud of the time we put in hitting the trails that Shoff built, riding, bleeding, and sweating as a team, hanging out and talking about bikes at Volker and winning races. The Strempkes won their individual categories (SS and Womens). Lee Lamunyon won Cat 4 BK got 2nd in the Elites and we had a bunch of dudes in the top 10. Our biggest men's points contributors were BK, Nick, Vince, Lee, and Ivan. Lots of dudes and chicks on podiums and having a blast at races. Have fun out there!