Friday, November 4, 2016

Mid-Season CX Review

Team Colavita Parisi has been on fire this cross season and there's still a lot of racing to go. Here's some highlights from the first half of the season where we are on the way to another KBACXT Men's  title and the Women's team are in a battle for first as well.

Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee ------------- 728
TradeWind Energy Cycling Team ------- 317
Prologue Racing --------------------------- 192

Women's Free State Racing -------------- 259
Team Colavita/ Parisi Coffee ------------ 254.5
Trek Stores Women's Cycling Team --- 202.5

Individual KBACXR Mentions with only a few races to go -

Katie - W1/2/3 - 1st
Britton - Cat 1/2 - 3rd
Nick Comisky - Cat 1/2 - 4th
Vince - Cat 3 - 2nd (Cat'd up to a 2 though, silly Vince)
Lee - Cat 4 - 1st
Ivan - Cat 4 - 3rd
Andrew - Single Speed - 1st

Race Recaps -

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Prologue CX Cup

First time race Prologue Cup in Blue Valley Park is still being talked about for best new course of the year. Prologue setup a good course to get the legs primed for Jingle Cross the following weekend.

Andrew won Single Speed on Sunday and was 3rd on Saturday
Alyson was 2nd on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday in Women's Masters


Jingle Cross

Jingle Cross was a muddy mess with Britton taking a win in the 30-34 Masters category on Friday and 2nd on Sunday after the World Cup day, did he enjoy his VIP pass too much?

Few others raced and Ian lost his brakes in the mud.

Castle Cross

New race venue as well at 18th and Vine district near downtown. It was a lot of fun and some good representation from the team. Britton took 2nd in the 1/2 race, and put on his best podium face. Andrew won Single Speed with Vince right behind in Second.


Cliff Drive

Kessler Fiesta ended up being a huge party all weekend with CX, Mountain bikes, long boarding, food, beer, and general shenanigans. There was a great turn out and we raised a lot of money for the trails. The best part of the weekend was giving this kid his prize for winning the Youth race.

Children are the future.

Aaron was 2nd in Cat 4 on Saturday
Walter was 2nd in Cat 3 on Saturday
Katie was 3rd in Women's Open on Saturday and Sunday
Other Strempke was 2nd in Single Speed on Saturday and Sunday



Living up to the name, lots of power needed for this one and Zach Chan came up with his first win in the Cat 4 race and then moved to Michigan. He'll be flying the TCPCKC flag up there and meeting up with us at the major regional races. He didn't wear his kit on the podium so his picture is banned from this blog post. Vince started his winning ways by taking his first CX win as well in the Cat 3 race. There was also one muddy section on Saturday where Ian's brakes didn't fall off.

Andrew won Single Speed on Saturday
Lee was second on Saturday


Capital Cup

This race will forever live in the history of the team as Vince's last Cat 3 weekend. He dominated, Winning and sweating all over the course. Just look at how happy he was.

The team also got some good wins in other categories. Ivan also got 2 more holeshots. The Cat 4 Elite squad suffered some flat tires but still got some decent results.

Katie was 2nd on Saturday and won on Sunday
Aaron won Cat 4 on Saturday
Lee won Cat 4 on Sunday


Raytown BMX

Best course of the year designed by Britton. Riding the BMX track as part of the course always adds awesome features that you don't normally get at other courses. The race had everything, steady pedaling and technical bits over bumpy terrain. Only thing that would of made it crazier would of been rain. Weather was perfect and the team puts on a great CX race. No sad faces except Danny who destroyed his ankle but pain is temporary. The team showed up and had wins in almost every category so home field advantage was definitely a factor.

Saturday -
Alyson won Women's Masters and 2nd in Women's Open
Katie won Women's Open
Lee got 2nd in Cat 4
Ivan got 3rd in Cat 4
Britton got 2nd in Cat 1/2/3
Nick got 3rd in Cat 1/2/3
Other Strempke won Single Speed

Sunday -
Alyson won Women's Masters and 2nd in Women's Open (again)
Katie won Women's Open (again)
Lee got 2nd in Cat 4 (again)
Ivan won Cat 4 (first CX win)
Britton won Cat 1/2/3
Jeret got 2nd in Cat 3
Other Strempke got 3rd in Single Speed (On half an IPA between races)



Obviously we have a lot going on, a lot to celebrate and continuing to be the KC area's best CX team. If you are interested in joining the party, drop us a note

Lots of big races left with Missouri and Kansas state championships as well as having some team members travelling to Ruts n' Guts for some Oklahoma cyclocross.