Monday, June 20, 2016

KS MTB State Championships

The team was out in force at the Meltdown MTB race which was this year's Kansas State Championships. The heat from earlier in the week subsided a bit so we raced in the lower 90s. I and I'm sure many other teammates took advantage of the mid-course tent where there were volunteers happily spraying racers before the long gravel climb.

Wyandotte County Lake is an awesome venue for races and riding. If you've never visited, make sure you add it to your trail rotation. It has some fun technical sections, nice flowing sections, and most importantly fun for all skill levels. The trails were in awesome condition for the race.

The team rolled away with 3 State Championships

 Alyson Green - Cat 2 -  KS State Champion (She also won Cat 3 MO State last week)

Dylan Medlock - Cat 2 - 30 to 39 KS State Champion
Corey Chrissan - Cat 2 - 15 to 18 KS State Champion

Other Podium Results/Honorable Mentions

Vince DeLaughter - 2nd Place - Singlespeed

Andrew Strempke - First MTB race!

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for putting on a great race. Its not very often you get done with a race and there's some delicious pulled pork, pasta salad and watermelon waiting for you.

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Pictures courtesy of Lantern Rouge, Sam Coleman, Carolynn Locke