Monday, February 10, 2014

Group Ride Party Time!

Greetings friends.

With another great year in the books, Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee gathered in force to celebrate 2013 and gear up for what is sure to be the most amazing season in the history of amature bicycle racing teams. 

The "in force" part hit a slight speed bump during the group ride portion of the day. Our ride started at noon but the snow started at 11. Its a shame not everyone could come but nevertheless several of the craziest showed up for what turned out to be an amazing ride thru the falling snow flakes.

Post ride we gathered at the Westport restaurant, Pot Pie, owned and operated by our very own John Williams and his lovely wife Sarah. Merriment was had and year end awards were handed out as the team celebrated past accomplishments and welcomed new members. 

2014 here we come. We've been training hard, have you?

See you on the road (and in the dirt)!