Monday, December 16, 2013

State Champs, KBCXT Champs! Oh, my!

On a cold, frozen, 19 degree morning 8 of Team Colavita Parisi Coffee's finest cyclocross racers faced the wind, the freezing temps, and the slippery turf to deliver 2 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, and secure our place as Kansas Best Cyclocross Team for the third year straight! 
Yes, you heard that right. 
Adam Keck and Jeret Kusiak are Kansas State Champions and Britton Kusiak was runner up to Joe Schmalz (sandbagger) earning him a silver medal.

When the day started TCPC was 12 points behind rival Cycle City for best team in the state. Once the dust had settled we were KBCXT champions by a whopping 86 points!
A push was made to convince riders to get out of bed, brave the cold, and get us some much needed points.
And, those riders delivered! 

Big Thanks to everyone that raced that day: Adam Keck, Matt Yaktine, Stephen O'Neil, Kris Presnell, Joe Anderson, Jon Sink, Jeret Kusiak and Britton Kusiak.
Big thanks to all the #TCPCKC members who raced cross this year and contributed to our winning the KBCXT overall.

Cross Season is not over, we've still got the three last week of the year races that are usually fun and snow filled.  It's been a great season and we showed once again that Team Colavita Parisi Coffee knows how to race some cross!  Hope to see you all at end of the year races and some holiday festivities. 
Don't forget to hydrate with lots and lots of beer. It is the offseason after all. Isn't it?

Masters 30-34 State Champ

Hard men!

Kansas State Silver Medalist
 Kansas State Champ Cat 3