Friday, August 3, 2012

Colavita Cross Country Challenge

On July 21st TCPC hosted a MTB race at the WYCO trails. It was a crazy hot day (aren't they all) and I'm told fun was had by all. Thank you to our Promoter Brett Shoffner for putting on such a wonderful event, and Thank you to our sponsors (Tallgrass Brewing CoPotPie, Colavita, Parisi Coffee, Door-to-door Organics, Murray's Ice Cream, CellarRat, and Volker Bicycles) and volunteers for all the support.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Brett and Venasa deciding who's #1

MTB Patrol in the haus!

A bit stacked up at the start.

Man Down!
diving the decent
At TCPC we're all about lo-fi and old school

No doubt some serious debate over who rode harder. 
Good thing he's not part Mogwai or the Kusiak's would have a brood on their hands.

What Pasta?