Thursday, July 5, 2012

1st place at The Tour of Kansas City!!!


It's been a couple weeks since the Tour of Kansas City but while we may be slow to blog we're fast when it comes to riding bicycles.

Andrew Lyles rode an amazing race and crossed the finish line first in the cat 3 field first on the final day of racing at The Tour of Kansas City. After spending 1/3 of the race off the front in a two man break Andrew got caught only to attack again with about 10 laps to go. His gap was small for a few laps but eventually his strength won out and the pelaton realized they were riding for second. Andrew had such a big gap i think he stopped at the diary queen on the last lap. To make things even better David Neidenger attacked the peloton with 2 laps to go and solo'ed in for second place.

That's a 1 - 2 finish folks!

Andrews win was just the icing on what was an amazing Tour of Kansas City cake for Team Colavita Parisi Coffee.

In the Cat 4 races Charlie Bartel finished 2nd on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday while Joe Anderson finished 2nd on Sunday.

This is TCPC's 4th year and we're starting to see the results of lots of riding and lots of racing.

Bicycles are fun!

Charlie after his fine 2nd place on Saturday.

Kenny Englert pulling the cat 3 field on Saturday.

Brian Lingenfelter in the cat 3 race on Sunday.

Andrew Lyles on his way to winning Sundays cat 3 race. 

David Neidenger crossing the line for second and a Colavita 1 - 2 finish on the day!

Podium time! Charlie and Joe Anderson complete with Podium girls and some guy in khaki shorts at the Tour of Kansas City.

To the victor go the spoils. Andrew Lyles recounts his impressive win.