Friday, April 13, 2012

Come ride with us

From time to time I get asked when our weekly rides take place. At this point in the race season, we only have two. Monday's we host a recovery ride from Volker on 39th street (leaves at 6pm). We ride for 45-60 mins, then grab burgers and beers at McCoys. Its a slower to moderate pace (recovery speed), and we regroup as needed (or nominate someone to ride with you).

Then on Saturdays we have a hard effort ride that leaves from the Parisi Cafe - Union Station (leaves at 9am sharp). The saturday ride has varying attendance depending on the weekend race schedule, but it often has a group of 5 - 10. The ride rolls out through KCK, and then on to Kaw, we return via Holiday and Metropolitan. We don't typically wait or regroup on this particular ride, and we do drop riders.

We welcome anyone to attend our rides, Saturday's ride map is below. Pick a saturday, and come join us.

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