Monday, March 19, 2012

Postponed - Colavita Crocodile Rock

Colavita Crocodile Rock MTB race, has been postponed.


It is with great regret that I must postpone the Colavita Crocodile Rock originally scheduled for Saturday, April 7, 2012. My father is quite near to losing his 9 year battle with cancer, and the next few days/couple weeks are going to be dedicated fully to him, my mom, and the rest of my family. I've already missed one week of work and school and will likely miss all this week as well. I just do not have the time, and frankly will not make the time over my family, to tie up the last loose ends, and do the finishing & preparation work that needs to be done the next 2 weeks so that I can promote a successful event.

It kills me that I have to postpone, especially since it is my first "real" promotion attempt, and since we have had perfect weather so far this season. My head is just not in the right spot right now to promote a race within the next 2 weeks. There is also a possibility that we will be in Arkansas for his burial depending on when he finally does pass. I guess this is more of a precaution than anything; I'd rather do it now than have to do it the day before the race.

We will reschedule for July 21 (the original date of the "Endurance Race"). The endurance event will be replaced with the typical XC/3 hour events (basically the endurance day will now be our series race). I would like to make this weekend into more of a festival type atmosphere, perhaps even doing the races at night for a change of pace/something cool to do in the summer.

Thank you all for your guidance and support,
Brett Shoffner