Friday, March 17, 2017

Equality in Cycling

This post is meant to outline our team's goals towards equality in cycling which is still an issue across all the disciplines and at all levels. Assisting our women's team with future growth (skills and members) and efforts to support the general cycling community through volunteering at clinics directed at Junior cyclists will be a focus for this team. I also want to ensure our team members are advocates for equality and growing the sport for all, not just a select group.

This team is based on a unified love for cycling, no matter what background, race, gender, sex, situation in life, etc. etc. We ride bikes and when we can, we race. As some of you read in Frank's post, we are pretty laid back but still look to support cycling and equality in our hobby of choice. Growing the sport is great but I've heard of some awesome pro races where there isn't coverage because its the women's race. It's a similar issue the WNBA runs into. I can distinctly remember growing up and hearing adults say "women's basketball, who cares". I don't want cycling to get a similar reputation and those with those views will not be welcomed to the team. These culture changes have been difficult to get moving at the Pro level so its time for teams to start committing to equality at the grassroots and amateur level and be the change.

We will be continuing to develop ways to accomplish our goals beyond what we've already been working towards but will provide equal payouts at our races going forward. Women and Men work equally hard to race and should be given the same reward when they succeed. As new and exciting activities or ideas to continue to promote cycling for all come to fruition, we'll share our news with all of you.

Feel free to reach out if you want to have a discussion about this topic or have some ideas -