Monday, February 6, 2017

Post team party update

Nate's last presidential address, more on that later, but Nate promises to ride bikes again -

Welcome new team members 
Liz Hablinski
Dawn Hargis
Christy Ubelaker
Paul Lichtenour
Nathan Benscoter
Parker Lindsey
Alex Flunker
Stan Kolbeck

Good to see the women's team growing! - Ivan editorial note

Party was awesome, TCPC having fun in a church, bowling and drinking adult beverages.

Year end team awards

FMVP - Katie Strempke
MMVP - Vince "for pope" Delaughder
Most improved - Ivan C, nick c, and Alyson green
Brett Shoffner award - Brett Shoffner
Best mustache - Frank White
Deep custom bike fan - Ian Stone, was Zach Chan but he went to Michigan
New team member award - Lee LaMunyon

We also recognized Britton for his positive feedback but also about how he is great and helps us look and feel good on kick ass bikes. Thanks Volker.

Thanks to our sponsors and looking forward to 2017 race season.

Ivan is president. I will try to keep riding and racing throughout my presidency. No soccer will be played. #MakeNateGreatAgain

Team Party Recovery Ride

Sun was shining to make the 35 degree day seem a bit warmer, until we all got to Volker, clouds came over and no Sun. Still had lots of fun going around the famous Rozarks trails with the team.

We'll be restarting the Saturday team road rides soon with most likely a new route probably throwing in the old one just for old times sake.

This all seem like some crazy fun you want to join in on? Send us a note at asking to join.