Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Fling in 70 degrees!

It's hard to believe (because at this very moment it's 30 and snowy out) but yesterday was a perfect day for bike racing. 

Several of Tcpc's finest showed up for the Spring Fling crit including the first appearance by Springfield, MO resident Matt Yaktine. Racing stalwarts Anthony Rojales, Amy Davis and John Williams also mixed it up as did new member Kevin Shaffer. 

John took a solo flyer with 3 to go in the masters race and spend two laps pouring his life into the pedals before being caught with one to go. (Look out for this guy). Matt was feeling good in the 4/5 race and picked up several points on the way to a top 10 finish. (Look out for this guy, too).

The rest of us let our good looks and sharp kits do the talking, knowing the season has only just begun.

Note: I forgot to check results and they arn't online yet so I could be leaving something out. 

See you on the starting line!