Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Inaugural Team Ride

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The 2012 Cycling season kicks off tomorrow, Sunday 5 Feb, with our inaugural group ride. Team Colavita / Parisi Coffee will meet at Volker Bicycles on 39th street. We'll depart at 1PM, and ride out to Bonner Springs (via KCK, and Kaw Dr). Where the roadway permits, we'll be riding 2x2, and at times be riding a continuously rotating pace line (this should be a learning exercise for some). We are not going to be hammering, the pace will be 15 -18 mph.

Before we start our return, via the K7 Bridge, we'll split into groups of equal skill levels, and Each team will have faster riders, slower riders, and abilities in-between.  We'll be racing back to Volker Bicycles in a Gentelman's style race. What this means, is you must stop at stoplights and stop signs, and you must make it to the finish-line with all of your team mates. Returning to the finsh-line without your teammates will have penalties.

The winning team will be the one who works together well, keeps the pace steady. There will be d'BronxPizza for the winning team (losing teams pay for the winners). We'll try to do our best to keep track of the KOM, which is at the top of Holiday drive, I haven't thought of a KOM prize yet, but we'll come up with something.