Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tulsa Tough


Greetings friends!

Last week was the Tulsa Tough race in Tulsa Oklahoma. If I had to pick one word to describe Tulsa Tough it would be... totally awesome! Okay, that's two words. Here's another two words...

Colavita Lovin!!!

results here.

(Tracy, aka double nickel, warming up for life. Tracy did the Saturday race and somehow managed to break his carbon shoe. That's power.)

(Joe, Brian and Andrew take in the surroundings on Friday night.)

(Brian and Andrew show their bandaged wounds after Saturdays race. Both were riding well and sitting in the top ten of an 80 + rider field when they decided to take each other out. It happens. The Crashavita rep lives on, although we're getting better because now we only crash each other. Just ask the brothers, Robbie and Kenny.)

(Fairly new to the team, Grayson demonstrated proper form at the legendary Soundpony. He's fast on a regular bike, too.)

(Britton powers out of a corner in Saturdays 1/2 race.)

(Joe grinds up cry baby hill during the Sunday race.)

(Kenny Englert during the cat 4 race on Sunday. Kenny had a great weekend and was the top Colavita finisher on Sunday. Kenny's brother Robbie finished close behind and at one point during the race was witnessed by yours bringing Kenny up to the front. They work well together and have been a great addition to the team this year. We wont talk about how Kenny apparently and accidentally put his brother into the curb during the Saturday race. It happens.)

(Andrew Lyles halfway up crybaby hill. Nice skin suit!)

(Britton on the hill during Sunday's 1/2 race. It never ceases to amaze me that this guy is raising a toddler, running his own business, and can still be competitive in a 1/2 race at an event at big as Tulsa Tough. Props.)

(The team rallys around a tired Britton. Hopefully he'll have some help soon, but this weekend he was flying the Colavita colors solo during the 1/2 race.)

(The scene on Crybaby hill during Sundays race is indescribable. Everyone needs to do this race. It's a mad house!)

(Hmmmm, coffee.)

(Races over, time to relax and watch the final pro / 1 race. We'll all be there some day. Hey, you got to dream, right?)

So that was Tulsa Tough 2011. An outstanding trip for sure. Did we win any races, no. Did we show Tulsa what Colavita Lovin is all about, absolutely!

See you on down the trail.