Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joseph Sheehan Road Race


House cleaning, day 2.

The Joseph Sheehan Road Race. May 1, 2011.

TCPC came out in big numbers for this 52 mile road race. Brian Lingenfelter had the best result of the day with a fine 2nd place in the cat 4 race, but the members of TCPC know there are more important things in life than results. Like looks. Check us out...

Results here.

The cat 4 race had a big field, Brian, Joe, Andrew and Robbie show the bunch how it's done.

Steve exhibiting lazer focus and sweet Volker sox.

Matt, Charlie and Ty... getting it done.

Britton at the front of the 1 /2 /3 race.

Andrew and Joe prepare to give the peloton some Colavita Lovin.

Eric Elving made his first appearance of the year and rode strong in the 50+ masters race.

Great job everyone!